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Meet the Artist: Seema Jabin Husain

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Welcome to the creative world of Seema Jabin Husain! From her earliest days, She has been captivated by the world of art. Her childhood was filled with sketches, doodles, and experiments with colors, as she explored her innate passion for creativity. At the age of just 13, Seema took her first steps towards sharing her love for art with others. Organizing local art competitions through newspaper advertisements, she connected with fellow budding artists, sparking a sense of community and companionship.

As she progressed through school, her passion for art only deepened. Immersing herself in art, she honed her skills and explored different mediums, discovering new ways to express herself artistically. During her schooling her exceptional talent has been recognized with 12 state-level awards, a remarkable achievement that highlights her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft from a young age.

Her passion and dedication led her to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, laying the foundation for her illustrious career as an artist. Throughout her academic journey, she honed her skills under the guidance of seasoned mentors, delving deep into the principles of art and exploring various techniques and mediums. Her time in the Fine Arts program not only equipped her with technical proficiency but also nurtured her creative vision, instilling in her a deep appreciation for the nuances of artistic expression. She was so good at her subject that she maintained top position in her class throughout the 5 years of the degree.

Upon completing her education, Seema embarked on a journey to turn her passion into a profession. Starting her career as an illustrator, she collaborated with renowned organizations and authors, bringing stories to life through her art. Throughout her journey, she has collaborated with prestigious organizations such as NCERT, NBT India, Room To Read, S. Chand, and many others, leaving her artistic imprint on numerous projects. Notably, her exceptional skills were showcased in the NCERT book "Yoga: A Healthy Way of Living," which received the honor of inauguration by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the historic occasion of India's first Yoga Day on 21st June 2015. She also collaborated with the esteemed Hindi writer, Prakash Manu, for their book "Prakash Manu Ki Chuninda Bal Kahaniya," which was proudly published by NBT. With a remarkable portfolio of illustrating over 50 books, Seema Jabin Husain has established herself as a renowned artist in the field of education and book illustrations.

After her successful career in illustration, Seema Jabin Husain stepped into teaching, sharing her passion and skills with budding artists. For four years, she taught illustration, still life, and life study to diploma and bachelor students. Seema served as a lecturer at Kasturba Institute of Technology affiliated with Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University and Meerabai Institute of Technology affiliated with the Delhi Government. Her dedication to teaching helped students develop their artistic abilities and explore their creativity in meaningful ways. Seema's inspiring guidance left a lasting impact, shaping the artistic journeys of many aspiring talents.

Seema is a skilled artist who works with different materials. She paints using oils, acrylics, and watercolors, creating beautiful artworks in various styles. But she doesn't stop there; Seema also sculpts and creates 3d clay paintings and sculptures. She's skilled in making intricate designs with raisins and crafting with polymer clay, showcasing her creativity in many forms. Always eager to try new things, She loves experimenting with different techniques and materials to express her artistic vision.


Seema has actively participated in numerous art exhibitions at the state, national, and international levels. Her captivating artworks have garnered attention from audiences around the world, leading to many successful sales. With each exhibition, Seema's presence has left a lasting impression, showcasing her talent and creativity to a diverse audience of art enthusiasts and collectors.

Seema's diverse skills have allowed her to bring joy to many individuals and businesses alike through commissioned artwork. By creating custom pieces tailored to their specific preferences and needs, she has helped clients brighten up their spaces with unique and personalized art. From residential homes to commercial establishments, Seema's creations have added a touch of beauty and individuality to a variety of settings. Her ability to understand her clients' vision and translate it into stunning works of art has made her a sought-after artist, trusted by both private individuals and businesses seeking to enhance their surroundings with her exquisite creations.

In conclusion, Seema's journey as an artist and educator has been nothing short of inspiring. From her early achievements in schooling to her impactful teaching career and prolific artistic endeavors, she has continuously pushed the boundaries of creativity and excellence. Through Sejain Creations, she has created more than just an art studio; it's a dynamic space for art enthusiasts to explore, learn, and create. Whether through teaching, commissioning artwork, participating in exhibitions, or selling her creations, Seema's passion for art shines brightly, enriching the lives of those she touches with her talent and dedication.

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